I never believed I would be able to write about the shocking existence I endured from the time I was only four, but now I know I must if others are to be helped. Bella is not my given name, but it is who I have finally become and this is my story. My co-authors, Dennis Griffin and Morgan St. James, held my hand all the way through the trauma of reliving everything and have put my memories and stories into what you are about to read: La Bella Mafia.

I warn you, this book is not for the faint of heart. No child or young woman should ever have to go through what I did. If you looked at our family on the surface, we appeared to be living the American Dream with a nice house, luxuries, my father’s successful career and plenty of his important friends. The dark secrets of a sadistically abusive father and brother, sexual abuse, ties to organized crime and free-flowing drugs should have had no place in the life of the little girl who twirled and danced in her perfect pink bedroom while wearing a fluffy tutu–BUT IT DID!

I have been through hell on earth, but I know beauty like no other. My sole purpose is to keep reaching more people through the brutal honesty of my story.

There are many more like me, facing a life that makes them wish they were dead every day, but we are survivors.

We call ourselves La Bella Mafia.