One more step completed toward the publication of “La Bella Mafia”

Post by Morgan St. James – co-author La Bella Mafia

Things are rolling along right on schedule. Yesterday I approved the PDF proof of the book which means we should have Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to be sent to true crime reviewers, newspapers, media, etc. The interior design of the book looks great and Dennis and I have gone through it so many times looking for possible errors I can probably recite chapters from memory. We want this book to be as perfect as possible, so even after the editors and proofreaders, Dennis and I have done our own multiple readings of it.

The more I read it, even though I co-authored it, the more I realize what an incredible tale of courage and inspiration this is. For those who have only seen the type of abuse and survival skills that were Bella’s life it is a look beyond what you see on TV or in the movies, because it is REAL. Yes, this really did happen and happens in many families behind closed doors. Maybe not to this degree, or sadly, maybe even more, but it does happen. Instead of letting it beat her down, Bella used these awful experiences to counsel and inspire others who suffer silently.

For those readers who have endured unspeakable traumas caused by similar treatment or the need to survive, this book sends a message loud and clear. “Hold your head up and believe that YOU can make things better.” If you are in the clutches of an abuser, run—don’t walk—as far away from them as you can. Bella talks about this extensively in the last section of the book, Part 3 La Bella Mafia.

Anxiously awaiting the next step in the publication process—the cover. After that Houdini Publishing will be able to produce digital and print Advance Review Copies and we will be reviewing the list to determine exactly where to send them for reviews.


Post from Morgan St. James, co-author of La

Post from Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia

Many people have asked Bella why she put herself through the Hell of reliving some of the most terrifying moments of her life by digging deep into her soul to write this book. Her answer is always the same: “To help other abused women, and occasionally men, realize they are not alone and even after enduring what no person should, to help them believe life can get better.

When I bare my soul and tell them my story–let them see what I’m doing now with both the La Bella Mafia organization and book–they know what I say is painful and true, but cleansing as well.”

Bella, my co-author Dennis Griffin and I currently are awaiting the cover art for the book and then early reviews to be included in the book, which will be one more step towards making it reality. Target for presale of copies from both Amazon and the publisher, Houdini Publishing, is July, target publication date October 2013.

As we co-authored the book, first working from emails and later telephone conversations and Skypes, Denny Griffin and I were amazed that after everything she has endured in life Bella is still full of humor and love. We know her story will grab you.



Front page of

581682_372167859561647_728438883_nI was very pleased when Morgan st. James AKA Mama Bella writer brought to my attention that we made front page news in ( ) It’s nice to know that the buzz is catching out there. This means one thing to me, more people are being and will be reached. This truly is a book that is about more than fame and riches.

969221_613751255302673_1295326682_nThis last week I met up with Ricky Cash, friend and co-host to Vegas Unwrapped radio A very nice and genuine guy I met at the Italian American club a couple months ago in Vegas. He and his partner Aaron Phillips are both amazing people who are about reaching the hearts of crowds all around. It has been my pleasure to get to know their works and what they are about. Being a part of Vegas Unwrapped and getting to know the station, I am preparing for my appearance along with Morgan St. James the first weekend of August 2013. We will be talking about the book La Bella Mafia, my life and the purpose of this whole mission. I felt blessed when we did air an introduction as calls came in from all around that included some very significant people in my life today. My heart still feels warm when I hear and feel the love and support.

It is always amazing to me to learn of more people coming forward who truly think this type of life that I come from leaves them hanging feeling-isolated, scared and alone. It’s not too hard when I really think about it considering these lives to most seem nothing less than a scene from a movie rather than our realities. However, it is still a norm to me rather than an exception.  Many people don’t know what it feels like coming from lives like ours.

 I look back at the many months it took to unravel each chapter of my life with so much pain and know that is all worth it. I do not know exactly what the future holds, but I do know that one day at a time, one person at a time, an awareness will continue to grow.

Bella capo~

La Bella Mafia photo shoot for the book~

673I have to say that yesterday was pretty amazing. It was a slow start. I woke as early as 3 am drinking decaf coffee, not knowing it was decaf. HA. Couldn’t figure out why my motor wasn’t running. I Packed up my black clothed luggage and off to Houdini’s with mama Bella Morgan bright and early.
I met up with my make up artist Leiah Rene From La’ Bella Mafia studios at the door. Shortly after Miguel, my other hair and make-up artist was following right behind. We started off by opening a nice bottle of white wine. 2013-05-22_11_24_01It took a couple hours for my hair and make-up to be complete. During that time, I have to admit, I didn’t just have two amazing artists but I also met two very amazingly wonderful friends full of tales of our lives, laugh and even a couple tears.
Once the shoot began everyone joined around. Miguel had to leave but Leiah stayed with me letting me know in the corner of my eyes that all was going well. Geno, the owner of Houdini’s and dear friend, Bello and my male writer Dennis N. Griffin and ours truly, my female writer aka Bella Mama Morgan st. James. 
It was very interesting during the shoot. I don’t know if it was my lack of sleep, the fact I’m in the middle of quitting smoking; whatever it was it gave me just the right flash backs at all the right times to give me just the looks needed for the shoot.  It’s been a long time since I posed for a camera but it didn’t take much to get it back.
My favorite shots are the ones with myself and my two co-authors. They truly are family to me now and can’t imagine my life without them.
Also I met a beautiful lady that has a story that made us connect instantly. Her book will come out around 1 1/2 years to 2 years. We too shared many emotions and tears, She is in every sense of the word, a true bella herself. I am looking forward to bonding with her through her journey as her book, her life starts to unfold on the pages. I did tell her, “It will get harder before it gets easier”. No doubt it’s fate that brought her to this Team.
Thank you to Oney, the owner of La’ Bella Mafia studios, Leigh and Miguel my make-up and artists and stylists, my co-authors Morgan st James, Dennis N. Griffin, the amazing photographer Mike and my Publisher Geno. A Big Salute to a successful shoot. I guarantee this cover will be first class in so many ways.
I will post a couple pictures from the shoot but be aware that these are the ones taken from cel phones. You will be knocked off your ***when you see the professional ones. Either way, I think you will enjoy what we just did and what we are doing. Salute!!148 ~ Bella Capo

Publication date is getting closer

Things are really getting exciting. It looks like we will have copies of La Bella Mafia available for sale on Amazon and the Houdini Publishing site within just a few months. The official release date is still being determined.

Anyone who has received a little rundown of the what the book is about, responds with, “When will it be available? I really want to read it.” How good is that? The people who place advance orders directly from Houdini Publishing will receive an extra bonus.

Subscribe to this blog and keep coming back. When the presale date is announced, the bonus will be shown as well.

Co-authors Dennis Griffin and Morgan St. James were at the Houdini studio filming videos to be used for YouTube promotions and other videos. The cover photography and more videos will be in production before we know it.

La Bella Mafia Beauty, a wonderful stylist in Las Vegas, will be doing Bella’s hair and makeup for her shoot (that’s video shoot, not the other kind). What a coincidence. La Bella Mafia Beauty and Bella’s own online La Bella Mafia group were actually formed within a year of each other, but neither was aware of the other.