Publication date is getting closer

Things are really getting exciting. It looks like we will have copies of La Bella Mafia available for sale on Amazon and the Houdini Publishing site within just a few months. The official release date is still being determined.

Anyone who has received a little rundown of the what the book is about, responds with, “When will it be available? I really want to read it.” How good is that? The people who place advance orders directly from Houdini Publishing will receive an extra bonus.

Subscribe to this blog and keep coming back. When the presale date is announced, the bonus will be shown as well.

Co-authors Dennis Griffin and Morgan St. James were at the Houdini studio filming videos to be used for YouTube promotions and other videos. The cover photography and more videos will be in production before we know it.

La Bella Mafia Beauty, a wonderful stylist in Las Vegas, will be doing Bella’s hair and makeup for her shoot (that’s video shoot, not the other kind). What a coincidence. La Bella Mafia Beauty and Bella’s own online La Bella Mafia group were actually formed within a year of each other, but neither was aware of the other.



One thought on “Publication date is getting closer

  1. This book is amazing! Must read true story! Much love to Bella Capo and the writers! Going to help so many Bellas out there. I can’t wait!

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