La Bella Mafia photo shoot for the book~

673I have to say that yesterday was pretty amazing. It was a slow start. I woke as early as 3 am drinking decaf coffee, not knowing it was decaf. HA. Couldn’t figure out why my motor wasn’t running. I Packed up my black clothed luggage and off to Houdini’s with mama Bella Morgan bright and early.
I met up with my make up artist Leiah Rene From La’ Bella Mafia studios at the door. Shortly after Miguel, my other hair and make-up artist was following right behind. We started off by opening a nice bottle of white wine. 2013-05-22_11_24_01It took a couple hours for my hair and make-up to be complete. During that time, I have to admit, I didn’t just have two amazing artists but I also met two very amazingly wonderful friends full of tales of our lives, laugh and even a couple tears.
Once the shoot began everyone joined around. Miguel had to leave but Leiah stayed with me letting me know in the corner of my eyes that all was going well. Geno, the owner of Houdini’s and dear friend, Bello and my male writer Dennis N. Griffin and ours truly, my female writer aka Bella Mama Morgan st. James. 
It was very interesting during the shoot. I don’t know if it was my lack of sleep, the fact I’m in the middle of quitting smoking; whatever it was it gave me just the right flash backs at all the right times to give me just the looks needed for the shoot.  It’s been a long time since I posed for a camera but it didn’t take much to get it back.
My favorite shots are the ones with myself and my two co-authors. They truly are family to me now and can’t imagine my life without them.
Also I met a beautiful lady that has a story that made us connect instantly. Her book will come out around 1 1/2 years to 2 years. We too shared many emotions and tears, She is in every sense of the word, a true bella herself. I am looking forward to bonding with her through her journey as her book, her life starts to unfold on the pages. I did tell her, “It will get harder before it gets easier”. No doubt it’s fate that brought her to this Team.
Thank you to Oney, the owner of La’ Bella Mafia studios, Leigh and Miguel my make-up and artists and stylists, my co-authors Morgan st James, Dennis N. Griffin, the amazing photographer Mike and my Publisher Geno. A Big Salute to a successful shoot. I guarantee this cover will be first class in so many ways.
I will post a couple pictures from the shoot but be aware that these are the ones taken from cel phones. You will be knocked off your ***when you see the professional ones. Either way, I think you will enjoy what we just did and what we are doing. Salute!!148 ~ Bella Capo

6 thoughts on “La Bella Mafia photo shoot for the book~

      • Bella Bear, YOU
        are one amazing woman. Please be safe through your travels in NY. I will be looking forward to your safe return. Love you Bella Bear Gfriffin *smile*

  1. I loved reading this, about your cover shoot. You’re an excellent writer 😉 You make friends easy because your so sweet and funny and lovable! lol Glad you had fun and can’t wait to see the pics! These pics are bellalicious too!!! Can’t wait to get my copy of your book! mwah!!!! ❤

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