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581682_372167859561647_728438883_nI was very pleased when Morgan st. James AKA Mama Bella writer brought to my attention that we made front page news in ( ) It’s nice to know that the buzz is catching out there. This means one thing to me, more people are being and will be reached. This truly is a book that is about more than fame and riches.

969221_613751255302673_1295326682_nThis last week I met up with Ricky Cash, friend and co-host to Vegas Unwrapped radio A very nice and genuine guy I met at the Italian American club a couple months ago in Vegas. He and his partner Aaron Phillips are both amazing people who are about reaching the hearts of crowds all around. It has been my pleasure to get to know their works and what they are about. Being a part of Vegas Unwrapped and getting to know the station, I am preparing for my appearance along with Morgan St. James the first weekend of August 2013. We will be talking about the book La Bella Mafia, my life and the purpose of this whole mission. I felt blessed when we did air an introduction as calls came in from all around that included some very significant people in my life today. My heart still feels warm when I hear and feel the love and support.

It is always amazing to me to learn of more people coming forward who truly think this type of life that I come from leaves them hanging feeling-isolated, scared and alone. It’s not too hard when I really think about it considering these lives to most seem nothing less than a scene from a movie rather than our realities. However, it is still a norm to me rather than an exception.  Many people don’t know what it feels like coming from lives like ours.

 I look back at the many months it took to unravel each chapter of my life with so much pain and know that is all worth it. I do not know exactly what the future holds, but I do know that one day at a time, one person at a time, an awareness will continue to grow.

Bella capo~


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