Post from Morgan St. James, co-author of La

Post from Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia

Many people have asked Bella why she put herself through the Hell of reliving some of the most terrifying moments of her life by digging deep into her soul to write this book. Her answer is always the same: “To help other abused women, and occasionally men, realize they are not alone and even after enduring what no person should, to help them believe life can get better.

When I bare my soul and tell them my story–let them see what I’m doing now with both the La Bella Mafia organization and book–they know what I say is painful and true, but cleansing as well.”

Bella, my co-author Dennis Griffin and I currently are awaiting the cover art for the book and then early reviews to be included in the book, which will be one more step towards making it reality. Target for presale of copies from both Amazon and the publisher, Houdini Publishing, is July, target publication date October 2013.

As we co-authored the book, first working from emails and later telephone conversations and Skypes, Denny Griffin and I were amazed that after everything she has endured in life Bella is still full of humor and love. We know her story will grab you.




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