Chapter 1 of the upcoming LA BELLA MAFIA book

Posted by Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia  

Chapter 1 of La Bella Mafia has been added to the blog to give you a flavor of this book. Bella tells her story in a way that is not for the faint-of-heart. The memories were not easy for her to face, but it was a story that had to be told — unvarnished — as it happened. Too many others suffer silently. Bella’s online movement La Bella Mafia, is there to help those.

Please be aware that Chapter 1 does contain references that are for adult readers, although this was Bella’s life from the time she was only four.

The book will be available for presale on August 15 from Houdini Publishing, Amazon and other online booksellers. The official release date is October 15. Credit cards will not be billed for books ordered during the presale period until the book is released, so reserve your copy. All presale copies will be autographed.


Now we have the dates! Presale begins August 15, Book Release October 15

Posted by Morgan St. James, co-author of LA BELLA MAFIA book

Houdini Publishing

Had a wonderful marketing meeting today with our publisher, Houdini Publishing. We tied down the Presale and Release dates and began to put together our marketing plan. It is going to be awesome and I love working with Houdini.

We will issue weekly press releases, produce promotional YouTube videos, schedule radio and TV interviews, contact independent bookstores in addition to the “big boys”, assemble our media kit and so much more. It is exciting for all of us–Bella, Denny and me. There is nothing more fulfilling than holding a copy of the book you’ve labored over for a year and being able to say “Here it is.”

This book is going to touch so many people, and be inspiring to those who suffer in silence. Bella survived so much and when she gives advice to someone who is abused or threatened, believe me, she is speaking from experience. Every page in the book is stained with her tears, but there is hope and inspiration in those words.

Thank you Bella for being brave enough to bare your soul in print. We love you.

The Sunset Strip & No More Crying Angels

I was talking to Bella Bling yesterday, and she was telling me she liked the blog, and it would be a good idea to write about my club days. So… here’s to you Bella Bling. 2459161686_34d504a6fa

It was one night that I just decided to go to this after hour club in Hollywood on the strip and it was love at first sight! I knew I was where I was meant to be at that time. I started working immediately as a promoter to this club we refer to as, ”The Club”. It didn’t take but a month for me to start running my own clubs, promoting for others and eventually working with the main owner of the strip. It was always about the art to me not the business. The art of creating a room that brings a crowd to life in a positive way. It was also a spiritual experience that would change me forever.

When I ran clubs I had the best time. I actually remember thinking, I am completely happy right now It won’t last so enjoy every second, and I did!

I became my own boss immediately and learned the ropes as I went along. I think the club days are when I truly became my own gangster. Being female and young I was tested ALOT by the men. Luckily, being my father’s daughter I was able to outsmart them and eventually became a member of the team. I was the only female in that circle and I take a lot of pride in that. There were some nasty parts of the business and that’s when I would dip out of there. But, running for the gun and gathering it from it’s secret spot, hidden in a place under the carpet in the club, and being the first on the scene of a problem, I loved that! Living that life for those couple years, you’d think it came straight out of a movie. It’s not a life style to live forever, but it sure was fun doing it.

I loved to dance with “dj” at “The Club” every Saturday night and other dancers would come in from everywhere. It wasn’t just an after hour club, but a place that changed lives. There were artists from everywhere. I would dance until I couldn’t dance anymore. Had so many dance partners, it was amazing!

I loved to write while everyone was sleeping, the sun was coming up and the cleaners were cleaning, playing music and doing their own thing. I would drift off into my own world and just write away., This is where I wrote the song ‘No More crying Angels’ which you will find on the last page of the book; also now in production with Linda Mizza and Cletis Carr! (This link will be available soon also.) Writing was my escape from the world. When the lights went down, life started on the strip, and when the sun comes up, it falls asleep. I rarely slept. I feel blessed that I was able to experience this.

I have a lot of excitement about ‘No More Crying Angels’ being released. My heart now, not only on paper, but put into music by the most amazing singer and music writer I have met! Also, she is a Bella in every form of the word, Linda Mizzi! Coming VERY SOON!

It will always be alive in me, the Sunset Strip and my club days. They were everything you could imagine and more. I will always cherish the memories made through the couple years that changed me forever.

Let the Angels sing! *wink*


Daddy’s little girl

In La Bella Mafia, I talk about some Ironic moments I have with balloons and the connection it has to my father. Ironically this has only happened a few times in this last year where this big hot air balloon lands itself right in front of my house. Each time, it’s always a day that I need that extra push of support or that heavenly hand that says, “Hey, I’m still here”. 

BIG BALLOONmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

It’s not easy for me to talk about my father, but I always keep a glow in my heart that connects me to him, and he somehow shows me he’s here.

My father was a man that always demanded respect from both his peers and his family. It was a confusing situation for a child to be in a love/hate relationship that was only normal to me. It wasn’t until my father passed that I broke out of my shell and started doing things for myself.

I will always miss my father and it will always be hard for me to talk about him. I wish nothing but heavenly bliss for eternity.. That’s all I wish for anyone. As each balloon that comes my way I will cherish the daddy , little girl moments that I will silently hold in my heart forever.



On Father’s Day it is normal to think about and remember our fathers, whether we loved them or hated them. Sometimes, it is both as in this excerpt BY Bella Capo from the upcoming book  LA BELLA MAFIA. Presale is anticipated around August with release by Houdini Publishing targeted for October.

Despite my father’s violent streak, he was my hero and I saw him as someone who could do anything and knew everyone. Back then I didn’t question the “how” and “why” of it. I had no reason to. That’s just the way it was.

Looking back, though, there were signs of how my father operated that I didn’t pick up on. As a little child he took me into bars with him and I hid under the tables while he had meetings. I heard things, but at the time I was too young to understand. As I got older I’d hear him call people I knew he didn’t like and have the friendliest conversations with them. It didn’t seem important to me then, but now I realize he was gathering information about people that he could later use to coerce or intimidate them, and he also talked about tapping people’s telephones. I guess the reason it didn’t seem odd to me at the time was because I thought that’s how things were done —to me it was normal.

Reunited and it feels so good…

There is so much bad in the world it is very important to me always to find the positive in everything and the blessings that happen. Today a very big blessing happened to me. Six years ago when I had to flee, I lost contact with my God mother, superstar Ali MacGraw.


 She has always been a huge piece of my heart and I lost her. I looked everywhere and tried everything. While I was in Las Vegas with mama Bella, my co-writer for La Bella Mafia, found a PO Box address for her. I made a wish and sealed the envelope with a kiss. This morning while having coffee Ali called me. I was so excited. She is very proud of the book and what I have done with La Bella Mafia.

We talked about everything that has happened to get to the point where I am. She asked me about my co-authors Dennis N. Griffin & Morgan st. James, Tony Nap Napoli and my family. We shared a lot of laughs and tears. I filled her in on everything I had to go through (which was A LOT) to get to this point. There is so much bad and so much good. She had no idea!

I feel complete now to go forward with the book and movement of La Bella Mafia. I’m a very blessed Bella. Me & my three moms

This book holds all of my shames, fears, hurts, anger, love and much more. It doesn’t sugar coat anything, so much that it comes with a warning to the readers. I’ve felt enough pain for many lifetimes. These are the experience I use to help others like me to get to the other side and see that they’re not alone and good really does exist, and no matter how bad it can get, miracles still do happen. Thank Morgan for helping on this one!


 I didn’t picture myself doing what I am doing now and I sure didn’t think I would be reunited with the woman who had a big part in raising me. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I am happy to be a part of it.  And one thing, Dreams can come true!  ~ Bella Capo

You never know if you don’t try

Posted by Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia

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During her teen years, at a time in Bella’s life when it seemed like it couldn’t get much worse, someone who went on to become very important to Bella entered her life. She more or less became a Godmother with a positive influence. The relationship continued for many years until somewhere along the line they lost track of each other. The person, who is in the entertainment business, moved to another state after losing her home to a fire and although Bella had her new address and phone number, she lost it and as hard as she tried, was unable to find it again. It was a terrible loss in her life.

This person is mentioned in great detail in an extremely positive light in the book, La Bella Mafia, and all during the time Denny Griffin and I were working with Bella on the book I knew in the back of my mind I had to do everything I could to see if I could help to find her. I won’t go into  who it is or what part she played in helping Bella to survive during several unbelievably difficult years—I will leave that part to a post by Bella if she chooses to do so.

ImageAs you can see, the title of this post is “You never know if you don’t try.”  Well, sometimes the Lord moves in mysterious ways and I guess this was one of them. I’ve always lived by what my mother taught me and my sister about having a positive attitude and “turning over all the rocks” before giving up. Keeping this in mind when I saw one of those promo emails about a trial membership for a “people finder” site, something told me to sign up for it and try to find this person who had been so special to Bella.

Amazingly, I did find an address, and hoping it was the right information gave it to her. She wrote a letter, then kept her fingers crossed that she would get an answer—and today she did in the form of a wonderful phone call. I am beyond happy that I was able to do this for her. Bella and I have gotten as close as a mother and daughter during the year the book was being written, and  thanks to positive thinking and the power of the internet, she says “she has three Moms now.”

It took such courage for her to write her story—to recall the horrendous things she experienced from the time she was only four years old. Things that had been buried deep down where even therapists couldn’t reach them, but she did it to let others know that with faith and determination, and support along the way, you can rise above the emotional and sometimes physical scars. She has spent eight years now inspiring others who find themselves in untenable situations like abuse through the La Bella Mafia Facebook page. Her message and support to all of these women is clear: 

You won’t ever completely leave what happened behind, but you can move on. The first step begins with you.

La Bella Mafia, the book, will be available for presale within a few months with a target release date in October. Watch for progress posts.


“I Gotta Be Me”

Sometimes it may sound strange even to me about having the first true La Bella Mafia support group. I am amazed by how many women and men have come together through this process in the last eight years. Some good and some not so good. I hear a lot of things like, “Bella, you have more female friends than any woman I know”, things like that. That part isn’t strange. I love people period.  I feel that everyone deserves the right to be heard. Sometimes, my intakes can take days and sometimes weeks.

It’s hard with my disabilities but helping people was installed in me so it truly does come natural. It has rubbed off also onto others and now I see women who didn’t like other females becoming friends with so many others, all in the name of helping someone. To me, that makes it all worth it right there. It’s taken on a whole life of its own and that is beautiful.


Back when I felt that I was the only one who had gone through the experiences I had, I would have been relieved to know there were more like me. I looked but there were none. The Police Department wouldn’t even put me and kids in a shelter home.  They always wanted the bigger fish. WHO IS THE BIGGER FISH?

I would always ask myself that as I was slowly going crazy in a war that was too real. I don’t know how long it will take for me to really forgive them for not protecting me and my kids but someday I will, only because that’s Gods way. The government was just as corrupt as the people trying to have my head. I’m not saying that all the government is corrupt, because I still know people who have been CIA work with the FBI and they still serve or have served on a PD unit. However they are far and few compared to the ones who refused to help using me and mine as human bait. It’s a very scary feeling. I remember being completely frozen in fear and not worrying about the bills because survival was the key at that moment. I truly didn’t know if I’d make it to the other side. I have been blessed though, not only making it but putting together others who have been through abuse in many forms and just want that free feeling we all desired, and they now have it.

I thank Tony Nap Napoli, author of My Father My Don ( ) with all my heart for being the true man of honor and dignity that he is for having the patience and love in his heart to see the vision and not giving up on me for one second through the years. He believed in me and he believed in the Bellas. Because he didn’t give up, I didn’t give up. He’ll always have a special place in my heart for what he has done that will reside in a place I hold only for a few. He taught me “I gotta be  me” ( ) It’s the song he lives by and taught me to do the same. I love you Tony Nap Napoli!

A couple of weeks ago I read online in my co Author Morgan St. James’s Writer’s Tricks of the Trade,( ) a chapter from my younger years, My first foster home.  pgs. 1 & 16,17 & 18. At first it seemed so normal but by the time I absorbed it I stepped back and thought; now this is so far from normal. It was “normal” to me. I know its normal for others out there also and although it wasn’t easy to write a book that truly doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells it like it is, my life can help others to be free from the bondages they are still in mentally and some physically. I want all my hells of experiences of what I called my life to help so many people. I want people to know that fighting the demons they will find a new-found freedom. MUCH deserved!!

I still get nervous about releasing my story but inside I just keep saying, look how many people it’s already helped! I lose count anymore. This is for a purpose. A true purpose. If God will bring me to it, he’ll bring me through it.. And he will do the same for others. I have no doubt and THAT is what keeps my motor running every day.

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Bella Capo~