Reunited and it feels so good…

There is so much bad in the world it is very important to me always to find the positive in everything and the blessings that happen. Today a very big blessing happened to me. Six years ago when I had to flee, I lost contact with my God mother, superstar Ali MacGraw.


 She has always been a huge piece of my heart and I lost her. I looked everywhere and tried everything. While I was in Las Vegas with mama Bella, my co-writer for La Bella Mafia, found a PO Box address for her. I made a wish and sealed the envelope with a kiss. This morning while having coffee Ali called me. I was so excited. She is very proud of the book and what I have done with La Bella Mafia.

We talked about everything that has happened to get to the point where I am. She asked me about my co-authors Dennis N. Griffin & Morgan st. James, Tony Nap Napoli and my family. We shared a lot of laughs and tears. I filled her in on everything I had to go through (which was A LOT) to get to this point. There is so much bad and so much good. She had no idea!

I feel complete now to go forward with the book and movement of La Bella Mafia. I’m a very blessed Bella. Me & my three moms

This book holds all of my shames, fears, hurts, anger, love and much more. It doesn’t sugar coat anything, so much that it comes with a warning to the readers. I’ve felt enough pain for many lifetimes. These are the experience I use to help others like me to get to the other side and see that they’re not alone and good really does exist, and no matter how bad it can get, miracles still do happen. Thank Morgan for helping on this one!


 I didn’t picture myself doing what I am doing now and I sure didn’t think I would be reunited with the woman who had a big part in raising me. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I am happy to be a part of it.  And one thing, Dreams can come true!  ~ Bella Capo


One thought on “Reunited and it feels so good…

  1. I am so proud of you my Bella Capo , like I always say things always happen for a reason, Your life is finally coming together.Thank you God . Love you bella.

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