You never know if you don’t try

Posted by Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia

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During her teen years, at a time in Bella’s life when it seemed like it couldn’t get much worse, someone who went on to become very important to Bella entered her life. She more or less became a Godmother with a positive influence. The relationship continued for many years until somewhere along the line they lost track of each other. The person, who is in the entertainment business, moved to another state after losing her home to a fire and although Bella had her new address and phone number, she lost it and as hard as she tried, was unable to find it again. It was a terrible loss in her life.

This person is mentioned in great detail in an extremely positive light in the book, La Bella Mafia, and all during the time Denny Griffin and I were working with Bella on the book I knew in the back of my mind I had to do everything I could to see if I could help to find her. I won’t go into  who it is or what part she played in helping Bella to survive during several unbelievably difficult years—I will leave that part to a post by Bella if she chooses to do so.

ImageAs you can see, the title of this post is “You never know if you don’t try.”  Well, sometimes the Lord moves in mysterious ways and I guess this was one of them. I’ve always lived by what my mother taught me and my sister about having a positive attitude and “turning over all the rocks” before giving up. Keeping this in mind when I saw one of those promo emails about a trial membership for a “people finder” site, something told me to sign up for it and try to find this person who had been so special to Bella.

Amazingly, I did find an address, and hoping it was the right information gave it to her. She wrote a letter, then kept her fingers crossed that she would get an answer—and today she did in the form of a wonderful phone call. I am beyond happy that I was able to do this for her. Bella and I have gotten as close as a mother and daughter during the year the book was being written, and  thanks to positive thinking and the power of the internet, she says “she has three Moms now.”

It took such courage for her to write her story—to recall the horrendous things she experienced from the time she was only four years old. Things that had been buried deep down where even therapists couldn’t reach them, but she did it to let others know that with faith and determination, and support along the way, you can rise above the emotional and sometimes physical scars. She has spent eight years now inspiring others who find themselves in untenable situations like abuse through the La Bella Mafia Facebook page. Her message and support to all of these women is clear: 

You won’t ever completely leave what happened behind, but you can move on. The first step begins with you.

La Bella Mafia, the book, will be available for presale within a few months with a target release date in October. Watch for progress posts.



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