Daddy’s little girl

In La Bella Mafia, I talk about some Ironic moments I have with balloons and the connection it has to my father. Ironically this has only happened a few times in this last year where this big hot air balloon lands itself right in front of my house. Each time, it’s always a day that I need that extra push of support or that heavenly hand that says, “Hey, I’m still here”. 

BIG BALLOONmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

It’s not easy for me to talk about my father, but I always keep a glow in my heart that connects me to him, and he somehow shows me he’s here.

My father was a man that always demanded respect from both his peers and his family. It was a confusing situation for a child to be in a love/hate relationship that was only normal to me. It wasn’t until my father passed that I broke out of my shell and started doing things for myself.

I will always miss my father and it will always be hard for me to talk about him. I wish nothing but heavenly bliss for eternity.. That’s all I wish for anyone. As each balloon that comes my way I will cherish the daddy , little girl moments that I will silently hold in my heart forever.


4 thoughts on “Daddy’s little girl

  1. I simply adore you and are amazed at your gloriously blessed soul… of very few who have touched my heart in my life… are one….I love You alway’s…..xoxo

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