The Sunset Strip & No More Crying Angels

I was talking to Bella Bling yesterday, and she was telling me she liked the blog, and it would be a good idea to write about my club days. So… here’s to you Bella Bling. 2459161686_34d504a6fa

It was one night that I just decided to go to this after hour club in Hollywood on the strip and it was love at first sight! I knew I was where I was meant to be at that time. I started working immediately as a promoter to this club we refer to as, ”The Club”. It didn’t take but a month for me to start running my own clubs, promoting for others and eventually working with the main owner of the strip. It was always about the art to me not the business. The art of creating a room that brings a crowd to life in a positive way. It was also a spiritual experience that would change me forever.

When I ran clubs I had the best time. I actually remember thinking, I am completely happy right now It won’t last so enjoy every second, and I did!

I became my own boss immediately and learned the ropes as I went along. I think the club days are when I truly became my own gangster. Being female and young I was tested ALOT by the men. Luckily, being my father’s daughter I was able to outsmart them and eventually became a member of the team. I was the only female in that circle and I take a lot of pride in that. There were some nasty parts of the business and that’s when I would dip out of there. But, running for the gun and gathering it from it’s secret spot, hidden in a place under the carpet in the club, and being the first on the scene of a problem, I loved that! Living that life for those couple years, you’d think it came straight out of a movie. It’s not a life style to live forever, but it sure was fun doing it.

I loved to dance with “dj” at “The Club” every Saturday night and other dancers would come in from everywhere. It wasn’t just an after hour club, but a place that changed lives. There were artists from everywhere. I would dance until I couldn’t dance anymore. Had so many dance partners, it was amazing!

I loved to write while everyone was sleeping, the sun was coming up and the cleaners were cleaning, playing music and doing their own thing. I would drift off into my own world and just write away., This is where I wrote the song ‘No More crying Angels’ which you will find on the last page of the book; also now in production with Linda Mizza and Cletis Carr! (This link will be available soon also.) Writing was my escape from the world. When the lights went down, life started on the strip, and when the sun comes up, it falls asleep. I rarely slept. I feel blessed that I was able to experience this.

I have a lot of excitement about ‘No More Crying Angels’ being released. My heart now, not only on paper, but put into music by the most amazing singer and music writer I have met! Also, she is a Bella in every form of the word, Linda Mizzi! Coming VERY SOON!

It will always be alive in me, the Sunset Strip and my club days. They were everything you could imagine and more. I will always cherish the memories made through the couple years that changed me forever.

Let the Angels sing! *wink*



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