Chapter 1 of the upcoming LA BELLA MAFIA book

Posted by Morgan St. James, co-author of La Bella Mafia  

Chapter 1 of La Bella Mafia has been added to the blog to give you a flavor of this book. Bella tells her story in a way that is not for the faint-of-heart. The memories were not easy for her to face, but it was a story that had to be told — unvarnished — as it happened. Too many others suffer silently. Bella’s online movement La Bella Mafia, is there to help those.

Please be aware that Chapter 1 does contain references that are for adult readers, although this was Bella’s life from the time she was only four.

The book will be available for presale on August 15 from Houdini Publishing, Amazon and other online booksellers. The official release date is October 15. Credit cards will not be billed for books ordered during the presale period until the book is released, so reserve your copy. All presale copies will be autographed.


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