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Post by co-author MORGAN ST. JAMES

Today I spent a few hours at Houdini Publishing with their talented cover artist Blake going through reams of images from the cover photo shoot. We picked out a few really good ones for both the cover and future PR and now it will be up to Blake to make the final selection and do his magic.

I have written ten books and this makes eleven, and when things get to this stage it always gets exciting because you know you’ll get to hold the book in your hand soon.

bella-denny-bella-me-on-carBella took the leap of faith to write this book with Dennis Griffin and me. Although it took everything in her to reveal what she called her life for so many years, like many abuse victims, releasing these memories caused further pain. However, by October the book will be out there to help and inspire people she dedicates her life to helping now–abuse victims, women, children and men in jeopardy, and the lost souls who think they have nowhere to turn.

Good job Bella. Proud to call you my valued friend.

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Never Say GoodBye

SHERI AND DR T (2) medium


On 7/16/2013, sadly I had to say Goodbye to Dr. T. She’s relocating to another state.

She has been an incredible contribution to the healing, not just through the year we wrote the book, but also when I first moved here in hiding, physically dying and emotionally raped.

She picked me up and piece by piece put me back together again, She taught me a lot of things. See, I don’t trust very many Drs., but with her experience, patience and gentle involvements have been incredible. Here are a couple pieces from the book with Dr. T in La Bella Mafia.


I’ve learned to live with the fact that my body can literally attack itself at any time, and particularly after I’ve done quite a bit of writing about the past. It is mostly in the form of body memories, that sensation when your body remembers what happened to you even if your mind doesn’t. Memory experts maintain that the body remembers first and I’m living proof of it.

My heart’s hurting a lot this morning, which is part of the whole syndrome. When I say that these pages are soaked with my tears, it’s true. For someone who couldn’t cry before, now the tears flow freely. And while it may sound strange, it is wonderful that I can finally cry for myself.

Well, I’m lucky the doctor I have now, Dr. T, is a former Navy medical doctor and for many years worked with men and women who had experienced the horrors of combat. I may not have been in the military, but the wounds I suffered are ones she understands. The thing that is wonderful about Dr. T is that she not only has amazing medical knowledge and knows how to deal with my high blood pressure, migraines, PTSD and nightmares, but she also adds a very important ingredient—love.

During the last few years she has tested me in every way possible. There aren’t too many honest people who tell it like it is, but that’s my way. I don’t sugar-coat things and sometimes during our sessions the words that come out of me are harsh or shocking. On some occasions when that happens she might say something like, “Bella, if only I could rewire you and erase some of the trauma you’ve made it through,” and then she follows up with a hug. Other times I get on what I call a “spin.” The best way to describe that is like being on drugs, without the drugs.

Dr. T and I work those episodes through, and in turn I use my experiences, feelings and training to help others who are in pain work things out.”



I always tell it like it is because that’s the only way to truly get helped. This is one visit that was quite memorable with Dr. T. One day she had me laughing literally for a few days. Cute! That’s the best way to describe her and this situation.


Mom and I settled into guest chairs and pulled them up to Dr. T’s desk. My voice shook a little when I murmured, “It’s really been a hard week, Doc. The authors needed to verify a lot of the things we were talking about, so I asked Mom if she still had some of the newspaper articles. She said she did, but to my surprise when she came back she was carrying a whole bag full of things I thought had been destroyed long ago.

The doctor leaned forward, elbows on her desk. “Go on.”

Well, Mom asked if I wanted a cigarette. A question like that only meant whatever was in the bag might shake me up, so I shook my head, ‘no.’” Then I asked, “What’s in there?”


And, without a word she opened the bag and pulled out Angelo’s manuscript followed by many other documents I thought were part of what I threw in the river. All of this time, I never knew she had saved anything, and just seeing the manuscript and all the other papers made flashbacks begin.

Mom added quietly, “That friend of Angelo’s was not a good guy. I’ve read the manuscript and most of the documents. He liked to dope people up on Percocet and other drugs, then break their limbs.”

Doctor T’s face turned bright red. She let out a gasp and put her hand on the lever for the hydraulic lift on her chair. While she twirled slightly, the chair zoomed down to its lowest position like a rocket.

Mom looked at her and asked with a straight face, “So, Doc, are you the one who’s dizzy now?”


I will miss her with all my heart, but I believe we were meant to be in each other’s lives at that moment in time, for a reason. One day she’ll help someone just like me and help them. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has become an epidemic. We need more understanding and education around us.  Sometimes we have to move around to get God’s work done. She is a true woman of God. An amazing Dr.!, and a beautiful friend. Now that she is not my personal Dr. we can  welcome a new Bella.. Bella Dr. T!!!!!!!! Love you Dr. T!!

When Friends Become Family & Writers Become Characters

I have been asking for ideas for topics. Bella Shenikwa said that her favorite topic is friends that become family. It couldn’t be more perfect with the bonding that has happened not just between my writers and myself, but also for the Bellas.

One thing I am is heart. Only specifics make it in my heart that strongly and it takes a special person. So I would say I am a very fortunate somebody.

Through the procesbella-denny-bella-me-on-cars of writing the book, something very cool happened that you don’t see every day. The writers become characters in the book. Not just the writer’s but the one who saw the vision with me in the first place. Team Bella as we call it. My relationship with Dennis N. Griffin and his beautiful wife have become close to my heart. I know as long as we live on this earth they will be there. Morgan St. James.. I wouldn’t even know where to start about the connection I have with her. I call her Bella Mama Morgan, because through our journey, she has proved herself to be a Bella and a Mama Figure, a partner, a best friend and most definitely now family!! Tony Nap Napoli! He has showed me that “I gotta be me” and he gave me the space to do it, helped  and held my hand through it. Family? Absolutely!

And the Bellas!!! Yes, the Bellas. I had a saying I made up when I was 12; “If blood is thicker than water, then why am I more fulfilled from the tap?” Pretty deep from a twelve year old, but I was always before my time. Us Bellas have  not just a friendship and network; we have a sisterhood. I have never had a blood sister in my life but now I have many sisters. It has taken years to establish just over two hundred amazing women. Being that it’s on line, drama has tried to force its way in. We don’t allow it in any form. It’s established and we feel a connection that gives us the strength to go and help the other unknowns together.

cute-girls-friends-best-love-Favim_com-593253We also laugh together, play games, visit when we can…(we have A Bella in almost every state and some out of the country) , or sometimes it’s a quick text message , or call to each other to bring smiles to their faces.  Like I said, we are a sisterhood, and we act as just that. It’s beautiful and yes, it’s my family!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone in need, or are just be kind. You never know when you’ll meet somebody that will just capture your heart and one day become, “family”!

~Bella Capo

Bella Capo’s online movement La Bella Mafia helps abused women

Media Release #3 posted today.
… Bella Capo, who lived through tragedies beyond belief, is the only one with the knowledge, courage and integrity to tell this story.

 ~Tony “Nap” Napoli, Author of My Father, My Don

 Las Vegas, NV. Tuesday, July 9, 2013. No one knows how many actually suffer abuse silently. Be it a 733992_10151567235913185_1313824627_nchild or adult, they often make excuses to explain bruises and broken bones, to protect the parent or family member who is abusing them. But in secret, abused children might act out scenes they see in their life as normal, hoard food if they are able to, and most live in constant fear. READ MORE…


Forty more days left until pre-order!


It’s been a long year coming with Dennis Griffin, Morgan St. James and myself to get up to this point of release.  The nerves are a little jittery, my stomach is doing flip flops and my hopes and prayers for this to be everything God asked of me to be and then some.

I can’t deny the amazing encounters I have had with people at just the right place and just the right moment as each puzzle piece of this adventure fell into place piece by piece. This is a true prime example of living on faith. He will come through.

I like what Mama Bella Morgan says, to reach for the moon. If you don’t get it you don’t lose anything and if you do, you gained a moon. Not in those exact words, but that’s what she’s saying. It truly is a small world after all and I have learned to not underestimate anything and live on faith.

My beautiful God mother Ali MacGraw being back in my life at just this right moment is a prime example. She is so positive and a bundle of wildfire goodness, that each day she has helped edge on the healing more and more. I am still in shock that Morgan found her for me. I’m blessed to have three moms, that’s for sure.

By reliving everything and having to stare each demon in the face one by one, I have experienced tremendous healing. It’s always easier for us to help others than to help ourselves right?. Well once done, it frees up so much of that yucky negative space and allows so much more “free time” in your head for more positive to come. There’s just something about taking out the stinky old trash!

I’m excited for the book that Dennis, Morgan and a beautiful lady who I have the pleasure of knowing are writing next. I feel that now I can also hold her hand with what she is about to go through and be the one to show her how worth it, it is. It’s all good that’s for sure.  

I could list all day the miracles that are going on around me and I wouldn’t have enough time. I think God shows himself every day very bluntly and it’s up to us to listen. I’m glad I do.

So… just forty more days and we can really get this movement going!

Bless you all with love! X0

Bella Capo

Media Release #2 Posted today under Media Release Tab

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