Forty more days left until pre-order!


It’s been a long year coming with Dennis Griffin, Morgan St. James and myself to get up to this point of release.  The nerves are a little jittery, my stomach is doing flip flops and my hopes and prayers for this to be everything God asked of me to be and then some.

I can’t deny the amazing encounters I have had with people at just the right place and just the right moment as each puzzle piece of this adventure fell into place piece by piece. This is a true prime example of living on faith. He will come through.

I like what Mama Bella Morgan says, to reach for the moon. If you don’t get it you don’t lose anything and if you do, you gained a moon. Not in those exact words, but that’s what she’s saying. It truly is a small world after all and I have learned to not underestimate anything and live on faith.

My beautiful God mother Ali MacGraw being back in my life at just this right moment is a prime example. She is so positive and a bundle of wildfire goodness, that each day she has helped edge on the healing more and more. I am still in shock that Morgan found her for me. I’m blessed to have three moms, that’s for sure.

By reliving everything and having to stare each demon in the face one by one, I have experienced tremendous healing. It’s always easier for us to help others than to help ourselves right?. Well once done, it frees up so much of that yucky negative space and allows so much more “free time” in your head for more positive to come. There’s just something about taking out the stinky old trash!

I’m excited for the book that Dennis, Morgan and a beautiful lady who I have the pleasure of knowing are writing next. I feel that now I can also hold her hand with what she is about to go through and be the one to show her how worth it, it is. It’s all good that’s for sure.  

I could list all day the miracles that are going on around me and I wouldn’t have enough time. I think God shows himself every day very bluntly and it’s up to us to listen. I’m glad I do.

So… just forty more days and we can really get this movement going!

Bless you all with love! X0

Bella Capo


3 thoughts on “Forty more days left until pre-order!

  1. Bella, I just wanted to say I know and understand how hard it was for you to relive and then write about your past abuse. I am the author of ‘Sandy’s Miracle’ my true story of severe childhood abuse that I endured for many years. Writing my story was one of the hardest things I have ever done in this life, so my heart goes out to you Bella! I wish you well and great success with your book.

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