When Friends Become Family & Writers Become Characters

I have been asking for ideas for topics. Bella Shenikwa said that her favorite topic is friends that become family. It couldn’t be more perfect with the bonding that has happened not just between my writers and myself, but also for the Bellas.

One thing I am is heart. Only specifics make it in my heart that strongly and it takes a special person. So I would say I am a very fortunate somebody.

Through the procesbella-denny-bella-me-on-cars of writing the book, something very cool happened that you don’t see every day. The writers become characters in the book. Not just the writer’s but the one who saw the vision with me in the first place. Team Bella as we call it. My relationship with Dennis N. Griffin and his beautiful wife have become close to my heart. I know as long as we live on this earth they will be there. Morgan St. James.. I wouldn’t even know where to start about the connection I have with her. I call her Bella Mama Morgan, because through our journey, she has proved herself to be a Bella and a Mama Figure, a partner, a best friend and most definitely now family!! Tony Nap Napoli! He has showed me that “I gotta be me” and he gave me the space to do it, helped  and held my hand through it. Family? Absolutely!

And the Bellas!!! Yes, the Bellas. I had a saying I made up when I was 12; “If blood is thicker than water, then why am I more fulfilled from the tap?” Pretty deep from a twelve year old, but I was always before my time. Us Bellas have  not just a friendship and network; we have a sisterhood. I have never had a blood sister in my life but now I have many sisters. It has taken years to establish just over two hundred amazing women. Being that it’s on line, drama has tried to force its way in. We don’t allow it in any form. It’s established and we feel a connection that gives us the strength to go and help the other unknowns together.

cute-girls-friends-best-love-Favim_com-593253We also laugh together, play games, visit when we can…(we have A Bella in almost every state and some out of the country) , or sometimes it’s a quick text message , or call to each other to bring smiles to their faces.  Like I said, we are a sisterhood, and we act as just that. It’s beautiful and yes, it’s my family!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone in need, or are just be kind. You never know when you’ll meet somebody that will just capture your heart and one day become, “family”!

~Bella Capo


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