One more step toward publication

Post by co-author MORGAN ST. JAMES

Today I spent a few hours at Houdini Publishing with their talented cover artist Blake going through reams of images from the cover photo shoot. We picked out a few really good ones for both the cover and future PR and now it will be up to Blake to make the final selection and do his magic.

I have written ten books and this makes eleven, and when things get to this stage it always gets exciting because you know you’ll get to hold the book in your hand soon.

bella-denny-bella-me-on-carBella took the leap of faith to write this book with Dennis Griffin and me. Although it took everything in her to reveal what she called her life for so many years, like many abuse victims, releasing these memories caused further pain. However, by October the book will be out there to help and inspire people she dedicates her life to helping now–abuse victims, women, children and men in jeopardy, and the lost souls who think they have nowhere to turn.

Good job Bella. Proud to call you my valued friend.

If you are a reviewer and would like to be put on the review list, please email with the word REVIEW in the subject line.


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