PHOTO- Vegas Unwrapped Show August 1 2013Bella Capo and I were the special guests on the “Vegas Unwrapped” radio show on KLAV 1230am last Thursday night, August 1, co-hosted by Ricky Cash and Aaron Phillips. If you couldn’t listen live, the archived podcast should be up soon. CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page on their website. If it isn’t there yet, (and it isn’t as of today) check back in a few days.

The show was amazing and Bella was at her best, even kidding around on the way over. We were about five minutes away from the studio when her impish side came out.  She called Ricky Cash, and mind you this was about 20 minutes before we were supposed to go on the air, and said, “Gee, I’m so sorry but we can’t make it.” Stunned silence until that wonderful giggle of hers came through and she added, “Just kidding. We are about 5 minutes away. See you soon.” Me? I just kept driving. Not that different than something I might have done.

After the show there were some wonderful Facebook posts, but the one I want to highlight is from


Our interview with Bella Capo and Morgan St, James on our monthly KLAV 1230 Radio Show. Bella is a true inspiration not only for victims of abuse and terror but for all women. She is the epitome of empowerment and has only one goal and one dream and that is to help those people who have been severely traumatized in their lives. VEGAS UNWRAPPED 2 - NO COPY

The fact that she has gone through hell and back and has suffered beyond what most of us can take but she still forges on with this project and the book that she has written with Morgan St. James and Dennis Griffin is an absolute must read. I could not put it down and it has definitely altered my way of thinking about abuse. I was already against it for sure but after reading this it has now become a priority cause that both Aaron and myself support.

As soon as the podcast is available which will be very soon I recommend everybody listen to the interview and I promise I won’t have to tell you to get the book when it goes on pre-sale on Aug 15th. Bella’s story is truly unforgettable like herself. This is one very special lady and I am honored to be called her friend. Keep up the good work Bella Capo. We have your back and consider you a very important person in the Vegas Unwrapped family.

Many thanks to Aaron and Ricky for having us as your guests. The message in this book is so important every boost is greatly appreciated. After the broadcast, an avalanche of messages was received on the Facebook Bella Capo page.

Check the APPEARANCES page on this blog. We have 4 more radio show broadcasts coming up in August: “Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I. ” on August 11, “Aspects in Writing” with Jack Kelly on August 13, “We Knowa Guy” with Dennis Griffin (my co-author) on August 14 and “Beyond Radio” with Jeff Bushman on August 28.  Whew!!



  1. As my partner said, it was an honor to have Bella & Morgan on the show. if you look the word “inspiration” up in the dictionary, there is no question that Bella’s face would be all it needs. Thankfully, she has come out on the other side of the mountain and can share her story and support for others in need. That is the true gift!

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