Saw the first printed Advance Reader’s Copy of the book

MORGAN AND BOOKPosted by Morgan St. James, co-author “La Bella Mafia”

How exciting is this? Yesterday in a meeting at Houdini Publishing, I saw the hot-off-the–press copies of the Advance Readers Copy of LA BELLA MAFIA that will be sent to reviewers, talk shows, etc. along with an extensive media kit. The book looks great.

If you are a reviewer or talk show host and would like to book Bella and/or her co-authors, please contact with your request.

Interest has continued to build in this compelling book — not only for the book, but the publicity has encouraged abused people from all over the globe to contact the online La Bella Mafia movement at Facebook. (Info link) Most of them had no idea there was a place they could interact and receive guidance and inspiration anonymously (if that is their choice)  with others who had walked in their shoes and survived.

The main thing Bella hoped for by coming out of hiding to write the book is happening — she is reaching as many abuse victims as possible with hope and inspiration.


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