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According to Houdini Publishing, the release date will be October 15 despite threats they received

I learned that our publisher received a threatening phone call warning them not to publish La Bella Mafia, and alluded to the fact that there would be consequences because the story isn’t true. The caller, who refused to give more than a first name that was most likely fake, even suggested that he was doing a “private investigation” into the book.

Unfortunately, people like this caller do “come out of the woodwork” in the publishing business. But our publisher is not one to be rattled or intimidated by anonymous threats.  “I won’t be told what I can and can’t publish by people who lack the courage to identify themselves and make their case. I’m comfortable that the book accurately reflects Bella Capo’s life story and it will be released on October 15th as scheduled.”

The threatening call has been reported to the police as being tied to ongoing harassment of Bella Capo that has persisted for the past few months on other forums. The publisher said, “If this type of activity continues, appropriate legal action will be taken.”



RED ROSE FOR BLOG LBMI have to say that God worked in a BIG way. This last couple of months haven’t been easy for me by any means. I have been personally attacked, and my close friends, family and writers have been told lies that were nothing but pure evil and intended to cause me pain.

I’d been warned this could happen. And although I knew people who really knew me wouldn’t believe the lies, a few people did fall for them. I was hurt but not worried, because the truth was on my side.

I fought back with prayer and faith. But as the attacks continued and became increasingly harsher, my faith was truly put to the test. To make matters worse, a lawyer I’d sought advice from gave me bad information. I wish lawyers would admit when they don’t know the answer to something rather than wing it.

With a few close prayer warriors by my side, I never let go of God and He didn’t let go of me. I will never allow myself to be made fun of for using God as my refuge, no matter what. He has helped me survive things no one should ever experience.

During this painful learning process, I’ve found the truth about many of the things that had me stressed. And that knowledge has set me free, much like the old saying, “The truth shall set you free.” So today is a new beginning for me and I am reclaiming myself and preparing for the release of my true life story. Although it will shock some, I will use it as a means to help as many of the silent ones as I can reach—those who are hurting because they think they are alone. The release date is October 15th and I’m ready!

The people who shunned me because of the lies and deceit without even talking to me about it—some of whom I thought were close friends—I will not trust again. And for every one that walked out of my life, fifteen walked in.

So Salute! Here’s to new beginnings, love, friends and God. I love all of you who already know me, and look forward to helping those I’ve yet to meet. From the depths of my heart I say, God Bless you all. XO

Edgar and Emmy-nominated Thomas B. Sawyer praises LA BELLA MAFIA

We are so grateful and offer many thanks to Thomas B. Sawyer for a wonderful comment about LA BELLA MAFIA. Edgar & Emmy-nominated, Tom has written 9 TV series pilots, 100 episodes – both comedy and drama. He has been Head Writer/Showrunner or Producer/Story Editor on 15 network TV series and now writes thrillers, so it would be safe to know he recognizes good writing.

Here is what he said:
First, my sincere congratulations and compliments to Morgan and Dennis — and Ms. Capo, for this wonderful book! I had just finished it last night.

“A single phrase from among the many memorable ones in this remarkable woman’s gripping, powerful, so readable story nails it for me, and will do so for most readers: “…I learned how to cry.” What a journey!

~Thomas B. Sawyer – author of the bestselling thriller, No Place to Run,

Head Writer of Murder, She Wrote

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Review of “La Bella Mafia” from head writer of “Murder She Wrote”

 Good morning Bellas & Fellas!
Red_Green_White_Tinted_Christmas_Roses_A_350We got an awesome review from the main writer of “Murder She Wrote”. I will wait on Morgan aka Mama B to release this. In just a couple short weeks you’ll be reading this for yourselves. I have to say that this book was the second hardest thing I have done .. the first hardest was just living through it. I don’t pay mind to negative but will gladly respond to positive.. and WHOAH the positive way out weighs the negatives. I know that God is amazing and you truly don’t know what he has in store for you until it happens. Sending out much MUCH love and blessings!! Have the most beautiful day!! Lots of love always!

Dealing with Cyber-Bullying


Posted by Morgan St. James, Co-Author of LA BELLA MAFIA

I had always heard that when you gain notoriety people will come out of the woodwork with crazy or nasty claims. The media is full of stories about the latest way to be a bully—over the net. There is something about putting that expanse of cyberspace between the bully and the victim that seems to give rise to things that might never have been said face-to-face, or at least would have been toned down.

And so, over the past week cyber-bullying found its way to the publicity surrounding the upcoming release of La Bella Mafia on October 15. There has been a spate of posts and emails with many over-the-top and blown out of proportion claims and accusations directed at Bella Capo, complete with veiled threats to all of us that included references to dealing with the mob and made men. I guess it was to be expected.

While it initially affected Bella, she is a fighter and would not have survived everything she has until now if she wasn’t one. So after the first shock waves passed, she felt herself slipping back into gangster-girl mode and preparing to fight back.

I’ve discovered during the year it took to write the book, there is real and there is wannabe when it comes to talking about involving major mob ties.  As my co-author Dennis Griffin said, Tony “Nap” Napoli, formerly of the Genovese family and author of My Father, My Don, is the real deal and you don’t threaten those close to him. Bella Capo, whose story is told in this book is close to him and he the reason Dennis and I had the opportunity to help Bella tell her story. You see, Tony is basically the unofficial Godfather of the La Bella Mafia online movement, a Facebook page dedicated to helping abuse victims and those in jeopardy. In other words, one of the things he does is protect the Bellas if and when necessary.

There is no need to say much more except that it appears that some baby steps were taken to ensure that the threats to Bella will stop now.

As for Bella, she could have died many times over the years, but survived to tell a story that is a shocking but inspiring true account of a life most people could never imagine or endure.

You can order the trade paperback edition of La Bella Mafia from Amazon for the promotional presale price of $10.83 instead of the list price of $14.95 until October 14.