Dealing with Cyber-Bullying


Posted by Morgan St. James, Co-Author of LA BELLA MAFIA

I had always heard that when you gain notoriety people will come out of the woodwork with crazy or nasty claims. The media is full of stories about the latest way to be a bully—over the net. There is something about putting that expanse of cyberspace between the bully and the victim that seems to give rise to things that might never have been said face-to-face, or at least would have been toned down.

And so, over the past week cyber-bullying found its way to the publicity surrounding the upcoming release of La Bella Mafia on October 15. There has been a spate of posts and emails with many over-the-top and blown out of proportion claims and accusations directed at Bella Capo, complete with veiled threats to all of us that included references to dealing with the mob and made men. I guess it was to be expected.

While it initially affected Bella, she is a fighter and would not have survived everything she has until now if she wasn’t one. So after the first shock waves passed, she felt herself slipping back into gangster-girl mode and preparing to fight back.

I’ve discovered during the year it took to write the book, there is real and there is wannabe when it comes to talking about involving major mob ties.  As my co-author Dennis Griffin said, Tony “Nap” Napoli, formerly of the Genovese family and author of My Father, My Don, is the real deal and you don’t threaten those close to him. Bella Capo, whose story is told in this book is close to him and he the reason Dennis and I had the opportunity to help Bella tell her story. You see, Tony is basically the unofficial Godfather of the La Bella Mafia online movement, a Facebook page dedicated to helping abuse victims and those in jeopardy. In other words, one of the things he does is protect the Bellas if and when necessary.

There is no need to say much more except that it appears that some baby steps were taken to ensure that the threats to Bella will stop now.

As for Bella, she could have died many times over the years, but survived to tell a story that is a shocking but inspiring true account of a life most people could never imagine or endure.

You can order the trade paperback edition of La Bella Mafia from Amazon for the promotional presale price of $10.83 instead of the list price of $14.95 until October 14.


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