Edgar and Emmy-nominated Thomas B. Sawyer praises LA BELLA MAFIA

We are so grateful and offer many thanks to Thomas B. Sawyer for a wonderful comment about LA BELLA MAFIA. Edgar & Emmy-nominated, Tom has written 9 TV series pilots, 100 episodes – both comedy and drama. He has been Head Writer/Showrunner or Producer/Story Editor on 15 network TV series and now writes thrillers, so it would be safe to know he recognizes good writing.

Here is what he said:
First, my sincere congratulations and compliments to Morgan and Dennis — and Ms. Capo, for this wonderful book! I had just finished it last night.

“A single phrase from among the many memorable ones in this remarkable woman’s gripping, powerful, so readable story nails it for me, and will do so for most readers: “…I learned how to cry.” What a journey!

~Thomas B. Sawyer – author of the bestselling thriller, No Place to Run,

Head Writer of Murder, She Wrote

Visit Tom’s website www.thomasbsawyer.com


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