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Vito has worked on some of the biggest high profile cases in CT involving murders, rapes and a corrupt priest. He is a frequent crime consultant on TV.

Bella Capo and Morgan St. James will be Vito’s guests. The broadcast will be archived in the podcasts.

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Getting excited to release the book-By Bella Capo

68221_439599606103837_231625936_nI wanted to take a few moments and express my emotions as we get closer to the date of release for LA BELLA MAFIA.

My tummy has butterflies, they’re doing jumping jacks and I’m very happy, nervous, excited and relieved. It’s taken many years to achieve what I have set out to do.

It still surprises me when I get an email from somebody in my life fifteen even twenty years ago saying they remember me talking about it. I don’t remember how long it’s been— I simply know the reality of the now. I saw some rough days through this journey and have learned off all of my experiences in the most positive amazing ways.

As the saying goes, sometimes bad things happen to make room for the good. I feel that’s what has been going on the last few months. God is weeding out the toxic so that I don’t have to deal with that when my focus needs to be on more important things. It’s also redirected my sensitivities, knowing that sometimes some things have to die for other things to be born. And that’s what this book feels like, like I just gave birth to the newer me. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point we are now. Even the La Bella Mafia has had extreme changes that have only bettered us in awesome ways. That’s where part two will come in.

This last couple months Team Bella has grown stronger than ever. The stalking events that have occurred with threats attached brought us together in amazing ways. I know that releasing my story is a very gutsy thing to do but I was not going to let my experiences go in vain. I also would not wish it on anyone. I can say that all of my experiences put together have made me stronger than I have ever been.

With my Team 1237611_10151570699425793_1109547632_nbehind me … Tony Napoli my mentor, my writers Morgan St James aka Mama B and Dennis N. Griffin, My God mother Ali MacGraw, my amazing editor and friend Judy Deutsch, my close dear friends and the many, many Bellas and fellas both new and established for showing me the true definition of unity, loyalty and love, I can continue on my journey of expression through experiences, reminding myself that my sole mission is to help even just that one person like myself who feels completely alone and show them they are not. To speak up and have that voice that had once been silenced.

As for the characters that are still living, I feel this is where my bravest strong point is. What I have written is true and backed up and the way they deal with it is not my problem. I’ve been threatened with death so many times that eventually I became immune and shut off my feelings completely. Now I allow myself to hurt, cry and now have fulfillment of happiness, justice and most important freedom.

Thank you everyone for being on the mission with me and taking part in standing up for what is right.

Here we go!! Lets do this thang! 😉 ONLY 5 more days to buy it at the Amazon pre-publication price of $10.84

Always, Bella Capo