STARThis awesome 5 STAR review just posted on AMAZON. Everything that was said is the reason Bella came out of hiding to write the book. We cannot thank this reviewer enough.

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This review is from: La Bella Mafia (Perfect Paperback)
I was asked to review this book, which now I realize was God asking me to help. If you are an abused women (or man), member of a gang or Mafia connection, PTSD victim, or just looking for one of the most amazing pieces of literature in your life, this is the book for you.

La Bella Capo who is the basis and co-authored this work, I find amazing that she is still alive. Tough is not nearly enough to describe this amazing women. The work that she and her organization do should be mandatory reading for any women’s group or PTSD suffer period. Any psych. professional should have this in their library as a reference work as well as an instrumental part of any college class. Being a PTSD victim from the Viet Nam war, 5 Stars is not enough on my scale to praise this extraordinary work.
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  1. Bella Capo, Glad to help make a difference. Keep your head down and weapons handy, however the farther this spreads, they will never be able to stop the readers or the movement. Ciao & Aloha Nanakulikane

    • Thank you so much! Your review touched my heart in depths! Your words, I have them memorized that I will use as strength on the journey I’m on. It’s so true, nobody can stop it. Its out now. My loyalty to God is huge and my promise is kept. I can tell your heart is in the same place.. and to me, that is the most beautiful thing in the world. I wasn’t going to crawl up in a ball and die as they wished.. and something very beautiful can come out of something so ugly. Thank you again.. your a beautiful soul. Love always, Bella Capo

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