Michael, Sheri, Tony-no blue shoesPOST BY MORGAN ST. JAMES
In the photo Bella with Michael Napoli and Tony “Nap” Napoli before their appearance at Mob Month.

WARNING! If you receive a post on your Facebook page or see one from Trisha Lane or Trisha Liona, this is a stalker. She set up a Facebook page on December 21, 2013 with the specific purpose of bashing Bella Capo and La Bella Mafia. All of the posts are about Bella or the book.I have been blocked from the page, but we have our ways of checking things out. She stalked Bella on Vegas Unwrapped Radio last night with continuous posts to host Aaron Phillips’ page even though he kept deleting them. She has posted on the Mob Museum Timeline calling Bella a fraud.

Dennis Griffin and I are seasoned in the publishing business. When writing a memoir proof of many claims is required, which we have. However, we have no obligation to show this to people such as this Trisha or whatever the real name is, who demand they be shown proof.

The 1 star review, which was posted on Amazon on January 2, is presumably written by the same person under a different name. The information is not that different than what “Trisha” claims. Why? Who knows!

Bella is not afraid of these people and has said so publicly. We are pretty sure who they are and will continue to warn about stalking until we find it necessary to report it to Facebook as slander. This person claims to be in North Las Vegas, but the IP address traces back to New Jersey, where all of the stalking began. 

Speaking of stalking, once again ad programs are installing themselves. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS. They are ads by a program called Video Player that has just appeared. Have to find out how to get rid of it.


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