Mob Museum 1

Bella and Morgan at the Mob Museum

At the Mob Museum, which incidentally is an absolutely fantastic and beautifully designed venue–don’t miss it if you are in Las Vegas–we met people from so many places. For Bella, one of the highlights was meeting a few women who were suffering silently and will probably join the La Bella Mafia movement on Facebook. Wonderful that they discovered they can get that support and empathy.

From the Mob Museum we went across the street to the Mob Bar in the Grand Hotel for a meet and greet from 6:30 until 8:00. Some of our friends from Houdini publishing came by as well as Tony Montana (his book is self -titled “Tony Montana”) and Frank Cullotta (two books: “Cullotta – Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness” and his latest, “Hole in the Wall Gang”), both former members of the Chicago Outfit and they made sure Bella was well protected.

Bella with Tony Montana and Frank Cullotta at the Mob Bar

More photos will be posted when Bella and Morgan recover from the whirlwind week that began with an appearance on ABC Channel 13 News with reporter Victoria Spilabotte, an appearance for Mob Month at the Clark County Library, an appearance on Vegas Unwrapped Radio, a stalker, a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Henderson, the Mob Museum event and finally the Mob Bar. Whew!


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