We need more people like this in the world

We need more people like this in the world

An incredible moving company in California helps victims of domestic violence by moving their belongings at no charge. After starting the company with his brother 18 years ago, owner Aaron Steed was at first surprised by the calls: “I’d periodically get calls from someone — usually a woman — fleeing an abusive relationship. There were a lot of intense moments and crying… I remember the conversations pretty vividly and feeling a tremendous amount of panic and sadness. Handling those phone calls made it very real very quick. As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives.” After recognizing the scale of the need and unwilling to take money from people in such distress, the brothers decided to make free moving services for people fleeing violent situations a company policy.An incredible moving company in California helps victims of domestic violence by moving their belongings at no charge. After starting the company with his brother 18 years ago, owner Aaron Steed was at first surprised by the calls: “I’d periodically get calls from someone — usually a woman — fleeing an abusive relationship. There were a lot of intense moments and crying… I remember the conversations pretty vividly and feeling a tremendous amount of panic and sadness. Handling those phone calls made it very real very quick. As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives.” After recognizing the scale of the need and unwilling to take money from people in such distress, the brothers decided to make free moving services for people fleeing violent situations a company policy.

The company, Meathead Movers, primarily employs student athletes and works with local domestic violence shelters to ensure that all movers are trained to handle the tense situations they may encounter during a move. One mover, AJ Clarey, described helping a woman move from the same San Luis Obispo County town where he grew up: “That hit home for me. The shelter she was working with contacted us and we discreetly set up the move. When we showed up, she had everything packed. We moved her items from one side of the county across to the other. When we finished, she was literally in tears. Without our help she wouldn’t have been able to pay to get her stuff moved. We got her into a safe place with her children.”

Such experiences, Steed believes, are important for his young employees and their understanding of domestic violence. “As I get older, I can’t help but really value and appreciate more and more the tone this sets for my employees who are involved in actually moving these victims,” he reflects. “I can’t help but think and hope that it changes their perception of themselves and their ability to have a major impact to do something that can really help someone in need.”

As for the survivors themselves, Meathead Movers’ rapid and discreet service has been invaluable. “They’re wonderful, sensitive, caring and enthusiastic,” says Kathleen Buczko, executive director of Good Shepherd Shelter, a refuge for homeless women and children in Los Angeles. “They help turn something that had been associated with something that was so incredibly traumatic into a celebration of moving to their new homes and to a new life.”

For those who would like to help, the company asks supporters to donate to domestic violence shelters in their own communities — you can find listings for US shelters (https://www.domesticshelters.org/) and for shelters around the world (http://www.hotpeachpages.net/). They also encourage other business owners to get involved in helping end domestic violence at http://www.meatheadmovers.com/pledge/

To read more about the compassionate movers of Meathead Movers in the LA Times, visit http://lat.ms/1TZdG9l

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Good morning and happy Wednesday!

It’s a very exciting day today as MaMaB and I will be going underground in the secret location to speak to women and children in hiding. I was so heart touched yesterday meeting Jenna, the hairstylist who will be giving these ladies beauty tips! I know what it feels like to have to run for your life for safety.. I however as an adult was denied safety with the authorities while my ex husband and his buddies threatened and stalked me with death daily. Because he was already involved politically and he had deeper connections than the average bear.. they were protecting the wrong person. That doesn’t take away from me knowing the feeling. I just slept for a month straight once I did get me and my daughters to safety and shook for year s. 7 years of therapy, two and a half years of school, a book and a movement later.. I am doing my dream which is hands on .. knowing their reality and knowing they too can have a real life once again. After the shelter I am over the top excited to see my girl Heather Heath as we will have an amazing night!! Details later Have a super special day and please throw in a lil prayer for God to give me the right words, the right stories and the right examples that will move these women’s lives today! God Bless you all and Thank you! ALWAYS WITH LOVE~ BC~ La Bella Mafia


Abuse is Abuse… Period!!


I was talking to MaMa B. ( Morgan St James ) earlier this morning and I was discussing something that recently .. RE Traumatized me. It’s so important to say that it doesn’t matter how much schooling you have, education or establishment .. or even love you may have for a person, it does NOT make you immune from it happening again. It’s so important to understand the warning signs.. Learn from me..

It is Child Abuse Awareness Month and I am no longer a Child.. but abuse is abuse. I have this long time friend that was so close to my heart I would have given him the world just for being such an amazing friend for so many years. We got very close and the warning signs began. I went into (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Flight or Fight Mode .. my first reaction; DENIAL!  How could someone I am this close to hurt me.. in his eyes, “all in play”. I walked away with bruises, On my body and my heart and soul,  and,  a sermon of him holding my book in one hand saying he’s for the cause and the other reaching for my throat. Again, “all in play”. I realize now I have lost a very dear friend because I will not and cannot stand for “play” of this sort.

I also realize that with my dissociative disorder that I developed as a child,what happened with my x husband, would be naturally there.With me going to talk to abused women and children in a secret location for their protection, I needed to remember what it is like to be hurt by someone you love and trust.

It’s not easy to just… “let go”. You love this person and you want to make it better for them… but you can’t. We have to dig deep to find that self worth again to reach down and find that strength in us we all have to help ourselves and our children.

I have been in hiding nearly eight years now.. seven years of therapy, 2 1/2 years of school , a book and a movement later you would think something like this wouldn’t happen. Let me tell you that it happens to drs, lawyers, teachers, preacher and the list goes on!  

Now that I am aware I can go through the healing stages and continue on this journey I am about to go on. I am a strong woman .. STRONG woman… and I will take this experience to help others to the FULLEST of my abilities. My heart is so huge it gets blind sometimes. It happens. So I say to you.. and to me.. WE ARE WORTH GOOD THINGS!  WE DESERVE GOOD THINGS!

With this attitude I am ready to march forward and get the show on the road!

I love you all and thank you all for your loving support!

Paying it forward one more time. God Bless you! BELLA CAPO


 mother and child

EVENTS TO BENEFIT S.A.F.E. HOUSE have evolved to several days of fundraising for the S.A.F.E. House shelter in Las Vegas NV.


Many things are still in the works for these events, but it will extend from April 23-27. Here are the basics and now it’s time for to begin getting media releases out and making contacts about it. This is the beginning of making the dream Bella Capo had when she came out of hiding to write LA BELLA MAFIA come true – reaching as many abuse victims as possible with advice and messages of hope.

APRIL 23 – Bella Capo will visit S.A.F.E. House to give a motivational chat to the residents. She has been in their shoes both as an abused child and abused spouse. Copies of LA BELLA MAFIA will be donated to the shelter.

APRIL 26 – Barnes & Noble Bookfair to benefit S.A.F.E. House featuring Bella and LA BELLA MAFIA, the book I co-authored with Dennis N. Griffin. There will be a B&N code to identify purchases eligible for donations their donations to the shelter which I will be posting when I have it. Every book purchase that has the code entered at the Barnes & Noble in Henderson NV will qualify for a donation. I’m waiting to see if it will also apply to online purchases. Meet and Greet with Bella, unvarnished chat about her life and book signing. 12:-00-3:00

APRIL 27 – Private event for the “Ladies Making a Difference” group in Las Vegas. Meet Bella Capo and book signing. Donation to S.A.F.E. House for all purchases that day. The “Ladies” are also doing a toy and clothing drive for the women and kids at the shelter.




On April 26 Barnes & Noble at  567 Stephanie Street in Henderson NV will feature a Book Fair to benefit S.A.F.E. House with guest speaker Bella Capo who risked her safety and very life in the hope of reaching as many victims as she could.

With the publication of LA BELLA MAFIA, including a Foreword by actress Ali MacGraw, Bella is realizing her dream of providing inspiration to abuse victims

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• April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. Bella Capo is an amazing survivor of overwhelming childhood abuse as well as spousal abuse.
• Bella was born into “the life” with a father who was a power-broker with organized crime ties and a drug-addicted mother.
• After severe beatings from her father and brother, including a broken back, she lived in foster homes
• As young as 11 she lived on the streets rather than endure the abuse in their $1,000,000 house
• She was a child fighting the system with no one to really protect her. The courts gave her back to her abusive father.
• She became a powerful woman in the club and after-hours club culture on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip when she was only 20.
• She became a white woman boss in the black Crips gang in California for her own protection before going into hiding
• She established the online La Bella Mafia movement – a network of abuse victims and abuse victim’s advocates helping each other

Every page in LA BELLA MAFIA is stained with Bella’s tears.

Every story she will tell comes from the heart.



Mob Museum 1

Bella and Morgan at the Mob Museum

At the Mob Museum, which incidentally is an absolutely fantastic and beautifully designed venue–don’t miss it if you are in Las Vegas–we met people from so many places. For Bella, one of the highlights was meeting a few women who were suffering silently and will probably join the La Bella Mafia movement on Facebook. Wonderful that they discovered they can get that support and empathy.

From the Mob Museum we went across the street to the Mob Bar in the Grand Hotel for a meet and greet from 6:30 until 8:00. Some of our friends from Houdini publishing came by as well as Tony Montana (his book is self -titled “Tony Montana”) and Frank Cullotta (two books: “Cullotta – Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness” and his latest, “Hole in the Wall Gang”), both former members of the Chicago Outfit and they made sure Bella was well protected.

Bella with Tony Montana and Frank Cullotta at the Mob Bar

More photos will be posted when Bella and Morgan recover from the whirlwind week that began with an appearance on ABC Channel 13 News with reporter Victoria Spilabotte, an appearance for Mob Month at the Clark County Library, an appearance on Vegas Unwrapped Radio, a stalker, a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Henderson, the Mob Museum event and finally the Mob Bar. Whew!


Michael, Sheri, Tony-no blue shoesPOST BY MORGAN ST. JAMES
In the photo Bella with Michael Napoli and Tony “Nap” Napoli before their appearance at Mob Month.

WARNING! If you receive a post on your Facebook page or see one from Trisha Lane or Trisha Liona, this is a stalker. She set up a Facebook page on December 21, 2013 with the specific purpose of bashing Bella Capo and La Bella Mafia. All of the posts are about Bella or the book.I have been blocked from the page, but we have our ways of checking things out. She stalked Bella on Vegas Unwrapped Radio last night with continuous posts to host Aaron Phillips’ page even though he kept deleting them. She has posted on the Mob Museum Timeline calling Bella a fraud.

Dennis Griffin and I are seasoned in the publishing business. When writing a memoir proof of many claims is required, which we have. However, we have no obligation to show this to people such as this Trisha or whatever the real name is, who demand they be shown proof.

The 1 star review, which was posted on Amazon on January 2, is presumably written by the same person under a different name. The information is not that different than what “Trisha” claims. Why? Who knows!

Bella is not afraid of these people and has said so publicly. We are pretty sure who they are and will continue to warn about stalking until we find it necessary to report it to Facebook as slander. This person claims to be in North Las Vegas, but the IP address traces back to New Jersey, where all of the stalking began. 

Speaking of stalking, once again ad programs are installing themselves. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS. They are ads by a program called Video Player that has just appeared. Have to find out how to get rid of it.



Bella Capo wrote LA BELLA MAFIA to encourage abuse victims to seek help and boost  public awareness of this problem

LA BELLA MAFIA is currently part of a contest on Indie Book Promoter. Their objective is to see how many people will participate in LIKING a book and join the discussion for that book by posting in the comments section on the page.

They will buy 100 digital copies of the winning book and submit to 100 top reviewers.

We are currently in the top contenders but need many more LIKES if we are to have a chance to win.

That’s where you can help.

Please visit http://linkd.in/1ahtg87 and click LIKE. We would love it if you would join the discussion.  DISCUSSION QUESTION: Would you risk the terror of coming out of hiding and reliving a life of horror to help others?

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Please share so we can get as many LIKES as possible.

Since the book was published, many abuse victims world wide have  contacted Bella to tell her the book motivated them to either admit what happened to them or to seek help. Many have joined the online La Bella Mafia movement which supports and helps abuse victims.