Meet Bella Capo in Person

Bella Capo will be very busy during the months of January and February. For those of you in Las Vegas there will be many opportunities to see her on TV or meet her in person in Las Vegas in January. She will also be appearing at a women’s abuse shelter to offer messages of encouragement and answer questions. Donations from the sale of the book  at her appearances will be made to that shelter.

Bella was the abused child of a power broker with organized crime ties. She also endured spousal abuse later in life and eventually was forced to flee for her life.

Despite everything that resulted from the abuse episodes she survived and prevailed as an extremely courageous and strong woman–an inspiration to those walking in her shoes or to all who may suspect a friend or loved one is suffering abuse. Bella came out of hiding to write LA BELLA MAFIA in order to tell her story, which also includes running clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and becoming a white female inspirational boss in the Crips.

8 years ago she founded the LA BELLA MAFIA support movement for abuse victims on My Space, eventually moving it to Facebook. Hundreds of women and some men have become part of La Bella Mafia, abuse victims helping other abuse victims. Many, after reading her book, have come forward to say they, too, were abused.

Meeting Bella and reading her book is an experience you won’t forget.

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You can buy your copy of LA BELLA MAFIA now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Houdini Publishing or order it by name at your favorite local bookstore. The ISBN # is 978-1936759187