RED ROSE FOR BLOG LBMI have to say that God worked in a BIG way. This last couple of months haven’t been easy for me by any means. I have been personally attacked, and my close friends, family and writers have been told lies that were nothing but pure evil and intended to cause me pain.

I’d been warned this could happen. And although I knew people who really knew me wouldn’t believe the lies, a few people did fall for them. I was hurt but not worried, because the truth was on my side.

I fought back with prayer and faith. But as the attacks continued and became increasingly harsher, my faith was truly put to the test. To make matters worse, a lawyer I’d sought advice from gave me bad information. I wish lawyers would admit when they don’t know the answer to something rather than wing it.

With a few close prayer warriors by my side, I never let go of God and He didn’t let go of me. I will never allow myself to be made fun of for using God as my refuge, no matter what. He has helped me survive things no one should ever experience.

During this painful learning process, I’ve found the truth about many of the things that had me stressed. And that knowledge has set me free, much like the old saying, “The truth shall set you free.” So today is a new beginning for me and I am reclaiming myself and preparing for the release of my true life story. Although it will shock some, I will use it as a means to help as many of the silent ones as I can reach—those who are hurting because they think they are alone. The release date is October 15th and I’m ready!

The people who shunned me because of the lies and deceit without even talking to me about it—some of whom I thought were close friends—I will not trust again. And for every one that walked out of my life, fifteen walked in.

So Salute! Here’s to new beginnings, love, friends and God. I love all of you who already know me, and look forward to helping those I’ve yet to meet. From the depths of my heart I say, God Bless you all. XO